Leah Remini

"We all have something to offer the world in some way, but by not being our authentic selves we are robbing the world of something different, something special."

Surviving the Elements

When it comes to being us, nothing is easy. Transitioning takes a toll on you. It's a complete roller coaster ride that doesn't make sense sometimes. The world, in turn, can be cruel and unwilling to understand or accept who we are. Worst of all, there aren't many forms of support, or help, out there for us. That is why I've made this site. I'm here to share my story and what I've learned, so far, during my transition.

Surviving Yourself

We are our own biggest critics. When it came to transitioning, I was truly my own worst enemy, and still can be at times. In order to survive in this world, you need to be on your own side, and be your biggest advocate. In order to do that your mind, body and spirit all have to be on the same level. Take a look at the three pages I've created that touch on these topics.

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Surviving the World

There's so much that needs to be done before you can truly live as you. It doesn't seem far does it? But, that's what makes us so unique. We have to fight to be who we are while others were simply born with that privilege. Don't let the stresses of the legal, and surgical processes get you down. I've put together a small section that provides more in depth info on different trans surgeries, and legal help. There is also a support chat site that I have grown to love.

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