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Surviving the World


Changing your name, and gender marker can be exhausting. There are also different laws, for each state, when it comes to getting it down and how. I found a site that is solely for trans-legal issues. Click on the Legal link above to find information on your states laws.


Finding support can be very hard. Even if your loved ones do accept your decision to transition, they still have no idea what it’s like to be in the position you’re in. I’ve come across a chat room that I’ve grown to love. It is full of people who are at all stages of their transition. The best part about it is that it is heavily monitored, so if there happens to be someone that just wants to log on to be an asshole, they get banned from ever coming back. Click on the support link above.


Surgery is usually one of the biggest things on the list of trans-men and trans-women. It’s like the grand finale of the whole thing. Sadly, some of us have been mislead with false information. For example, I originally didn’t want bottom surgery because everything that I looked up explained the process as being absolutely horrible. Plus, the results were basically just for show and not functionality. My therapist recommended a book to me called “Hung Jury,” by Trystan T. Cotten. This book gives more information on bottom surgery for trans-men that ultimately put my fears to rest. I also found a website that is great at explaining each surgery, for trans-men and trans-women. Click on the surgery link above.